March 11-13: St. Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival

The St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival was first produced in 2011 and has grown in popularity each year while winning multiple awards for… CLICK TO READ FULL Renee Unsworth

Ashley Moody unveils new human trafficking initiative

Florida ranks third with in the U.S. in reports to the national human trafficking hotline. CLICK TO READ FULL

Florida may outlaw protests outside of private residence under new proposal

A first-time violator faces 16 hours of community service or a $25 fine. CLICK TO READ FULL

Woman saves missing toddler after finding her on Fort Myers road

A 2-year-old girl was found safe after wandering off from her babysitter’s home on Sunday morning. The girl was found roaming State Road 82 near Omni Lane by a woman who called 911. A police report… CLICK TO READ FULL Breana Ross