EXCLUSIVE: Beach commissioner berated officers after arresting his wife for impaired driving – “You guys are a joke”

Beach commissioner Ernesto Torres is in hot water after an altercation with police after his wife was caught driving erratically around midnight on Jan 22. the full report can be read below…

During the late hours of the night on Jan 22nd, Nicole Torres was observed driving erratically in the area of A1A Beach Blvd and 11th street. When officers pulled her over, they noticed her speech was slurred and she appeared to be impaired.

After refusing to engage in a field sobriety test, officers began the process of placing Mrs. Torres under arrest.

During this time, current St. Augustine beach commissioner Ernesto Torres became angry and defensive, demanding officers let them go on their way home.

After being informed that his wife was being placed under arrest, Torres began berating officers on the scene.

In the report, the beach commissioner is quoted as saying, “Wow… after all I’ve done for you guys. I voted to give your department a pay increase. You’re welcome by the way. I always support everything for the beach police department, and this is the thanks you give me. You guys are a joke.”

Commissioner Torres was later retrieved by his daughter at cafe 11 and taken home without further incident.

The full altercation is illustrated in the police report, photographed above.

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