Bill criminalizing on-street stunt driving — and filming it — speeds through Senate panel

Sponsor Jason Pizzo said there are carveouts for First Amendment protection. Sponsor Jason Pizzo said there are carveouts for first amendment protection. CLICK TO READ FULL

Clewiston mother facing child abuse charges for throwing boiling water on daughter

A child is recovering from a heinous crime in Clewiston. Police say her mother threw boiling water at her. According to police, the older, middle school-aged girl was doing her younger sister’s hair.… CLICK TO READ FULL Gail Levy

Bill introduced to Florida senate would allow local municipalities to provide rental assistance

Rent is skyrocketing, especially here in Southwest Florida. Some people see their rent hiked hundreds of dollars a month when it’s time to renew. Finding a good place to live at a reasonable price is… CLICK TO READ FULL Michael Hudak

Florida Lawmakers Could Ban Hourly Rates At Hotels To Reduce Human Trafficking

Hourly rates would be prohibited at hotels and other lodging establishments across Florida under a bill aimed at reducing human trafficking. CLICK TO READ FULL