Grill master from Longhorn Steakhouse in St. Augustine is honored for grilling one million steaks

Leo Rollins III, has become part of the elite class of 18 grill masters to be celebrated for grilling one million steaks. CLICK TO READ FULL Valentina Gomez, Action News JaxValentina Gomez is a content creator/coordinator for Action News Jax.

St. Augustine police looking for man who attacked bouncer with broken bottle in New Years brawl

St. Augustine PD is looking for a suspect after a bouncer was seriously injured in a brawl at the White Lion on New Years Eve. CLICK TO READ FULL

Appeals court rules that Nease high school didn’t violate transgender student’s rights

Drew Adams sued in 2017 after Nease High refused to let him use the boys’ bathroom. He won his case, but an appeals court has now ruled in favor of the school. CLICK TO READ FULL