Person Jumps From St. Augustine Lighthouse Sustaining Life Threatening Injuries

The 904 Now has confirmed that an individual jumped off of the St. Augustine Lighthouse Saturday afternoon, and sustained life threatening injuries in what appears to be a suicide attempt. No further information is available at this time. The St. Augustine Lighthouse announced online that they will be closing the lighthouse and associated tours through the rest of the weekend.

St. Augustine Fishing Report

By Capt. Adam Morley The cool breath of St. Augustine’s winter has settled over the waters, a harbinger of change for the angler seeking tales in the river’s embrace. As the mercury dips, the fish, wise in their aquatic realm, respond with a dance that speaks of the season. The colder temperatures, like a maestro wielding a baton, direct the piscatorial orchestra into deeper recesses, where the water guards its warmth with tenacity. In these holes, the fish gather, a congregation seeking refuge from the winter chill. It’s a time for the angler to adapt, to explore the depths where…

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Sarah Arnold elected as Chair and Roy Alaimo as Vice Chair for the St. Johns County Board

At the recent November 21 Special Reorganizational Meeting of the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), notable changes in leadership roles took place. District 2 Commissioner Sarah Arnold was unanimously elected as the new chair, while District 3 Commissioner Roy Alaimo was unanimously elected as vice chair. Both will serve one-year terms in their respective roles. Chair Arnold, who previously held the position of Vice Chair, expressed gratitude for the opportunity and voiced her dedication to guiding St. Johns County’s progress. Arnold says she is deeply invested in the community. She’s involved in various local organizations, including serving…

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Increase in construction site burglaries leads to arrest of man and woman in St. Johns County

An investigation into a series of construction site burglaries in St. Johns County has resulted in the arrest of a man and a woman. The burglaries primarily targeted homes under construction in the county’s northwest area, with thieves stealing copper wire and tubing. Detectives initiated the investigation after receiving multiple reports of these incidents. They identified several suspect vehicles and eventually focused on a potential suspect. On November 22, the suspect entered St. Johns County, and deputies located the suspect’s vehicle in a new subdivision. Upon discovering the suspect in the vehicle, deputies attempted to apprehend them as they tried…

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