St. Johns County Fire Rescue Urges for Layered Approach to Sun Protection

St. Johns County Fire Rescue is reminding beachgoers to protect themselves from the sun and stay hydrated to avoid heat stroke. Tips include drinking plenty of fluids (without alcohol), using sunscreen and reapplying it after swimming, wearing protective clothing and sunglasses, avoiding the intense midday sun, and using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Those spending extended periods in the sun should use a layered approach to protect themselves. Sunscreen works best when used with shade or clothes and should be reapplied every two hours and after sweating or swimming. CLICK TO READ SOURCE Images/Source:

Police still searching for Suspect who Triggered Fireworks in St. Augustine Theater

Two teenagers were arrested and a third suspect is being looked for after they set off fireworks inside a St. Augustine movie theater over the weekend. The incident occurred during the debut weekend of a popular children’s movie, causing panic among those in attendance. The sheriff’s office responded to multiple reports of explosions and found minor damage to the theater. No one was injured in the incident. The two teenagers were arrested and charged with arson and disorderly conduct but the Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the third suspect. Parental attention is being emphasized for the summer holidays. CLICK…

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Community and Law Enforcement Honor St. Johns Sheriff’s Officer in End of Watch Ceremony

Hundreds of people, including officers from Florida and beyond, gathered at St. Joseph Catholic Church in St. Johns County to honor Sergeant Michael Kunovich, a veteran St. Johns County sheriff’s officer who collapsed and died on May 19 after a struggle with a suspect. Kunovich’s two sons talked about how proud they were of their father and how he always stressed the importance of not letting work consume one’s life. Officers from Hillsborough County, Sarasota, Winter Springs, Green Cove Springs, Flagler County, and other departments joined Kunovich’s colleagues for the service. The suspect, identified as 18-year-old Vergilio Aguilar Mendez, has…

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Sheriff’s office releases more details on deadly encounter

St. Johns County Sheriff Rob Hardwick revealed new details about the death of Sergeant Michael Kunovich. Kunovich had interacted with Vergilio Aguilar Mendez, who has been charged with capital homicide and resisting arrest. Mendez is reportedly homeless and living in the country illegally. The new information explains why Kunovich and Aguila Mendez interacted. According to the Sheriff, Kunovich was interacting with Mendez after a report of trespassing. Kunovich attempted to conduct a patdown of Mendez, who refused to comply and tried to remove a knife from his pocket. A struggle followed, during which Mendez grabbed Kunovich’s taser. After handcuffing Mendez,…

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