Green Cove Springs Woman Rescues Couple from Fiery Plane Crash in St. Johns County

A woman named Jennifer Fairbanks helped save a couple from a burning plane crash in St. Johns County, Florida. She saw the plane crash and explode on impact, but acted quickly to pull the female passenger to safety. The husband also jumped out of the plane into flames, but was saved by others who were at the scene. Fairbanks had a personal connection to the crash, as her brother died in a plane accident 21 years ago. She is praying for the couple’s recovery. CLICK TO READ SOURCE Images/Source:

Pilot of Fiery St. Augustine Plane Crash Chose Shortest Runway, Radio Chatter Reveals

A small plane crashed in St. Augustine, Florida, killing a dog and injuring a couple. Witnesses reported that the plane struggled to gain elevation during takeoff from the airport. The pilot’s decision to use the shortest runway at the airport may have played a role in the crash, according to a recording of the preflight communication between the pilot and air traffic control. Aviation experts said the pilot should have used the longest runway at the airport because the short one did not have the best wind direction for takeoff. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. CLICK…

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Infamous Vilano Beach ‘blue house’ goes on sale for OVER A MILLION DOLLARS!

Ready for a house you can’t live in because you can’t even get to the front (or any) door of? Want beautiful views of the underside of your floor? Want to gamble with your life as you wonder daily when the stilts will give out? Want to own the house everyone in town makes fun of? Could be yours at a steal for 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS!!!Call today?

Study Reveals Jacksonville as Home to the Country’s Worst Drivers

Jacksonville, Florida has been named the city with the worst drivers in the US, according to a study by Clever Move. The study found that Jacksonville has an average of 10.9 driving deaths per 100,000 residents each year, which is 165% higher than the national average. Additionally, the city experiences 120 days of rainfall per year, making driving conditions less safe. Florida as a whole has the worst drivers in the US, with one in five drivers uninsured. The cities with the best drivers are New York City, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Boston, and San Francisco. CLICK TO READ SOURCE…

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