Heartfelt Support Transcends Community After Tragic Attack in Ponte Vedra Beach

The community of Ponte Vedra Beach in St. Johns County is rallying around Madison Schemitz, who was stabbed along with her mother outside of a local restaurant. Schemitz’s friends have created keychains with the phrase “Madison Strong” to show their support, and they have already sold over 170. Additionally, two GoFundMe pages have collectively raised over $100,000 for Schemitz’s family. The suspect in the stabbing is Spencer Pearson, who was recently in a relationship with Schemitz and had been harassing her since April. Pearson has been charged with two counts of attempted murder. One of the witnesses to the attack,…

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Discovery of Damaged Nest of Endangered Sea Turtles in Ponte Vedra Raises Concerns

The Ponte Vedra Sea Turtle Patrol discovered a destroyed sea turtle nest last Friday, causing volunteers to spend hours reburying eggs and repairing the barrier. Patrol members suspect the incident occurred on Thursday night after a group had been partying on the beach, leaving behind alcoholic beverage containers and breaking down stakes and other markers surrounding the turtles’ area. The patrol is urging the community to help in protecting these endangered reptiles as disturbing sea turtle nests is both a federal and state crime, with violators facing hefty fines and even a third-degree felony for taking over 11 eggs. They…

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St. Johns County Grants Incentives to KeHE Distributors.

The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners has given approval to KeHE Distributors’ expansion plans in the county. KeHE will build a 526,471-square-foot industrial building on Deerpark Boulevard, which is expected to retain 345 jobs and add 100 more at the county average wage of about $52,000. The project will provide benefits such as an employee stock ownership plan. The economic development incentive is a grant over two years beginning in 2027 and is valued at $1,341,410. Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2023 and be completed in August 2024. CLICK TO READ SOURCE Images/Source: Jax Daily Record

Local PGA Tour Golfer Expresses Surprise Over LIV Golf Merger

The PGA Tour and the DP World Tour have unexpectedly partnered up with LIV Golf, a rival league backed by the Saudi Arabian government, causing controversy due to Saudi Arabia’s poor human rights record. LIV Golf was previously the enemy of the PGA Tour after recruiting some of the world’s best golfers with large guaranteed contracts, resulting in PGA officials stating that anyone who played with LIV would not be welcome on the tour. Many players, including Len Mattiace, who is from Jacksonville, expressed their surprise at the partnership. The merger affects players who stayed with the PGA Tour and…

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