Discovery of Damaged Nest of Endangered Sea Turtles in Ponte Vedra Raises Concerns

The Ponte Vedra Sea Turtle Patrol discovered a destroyed sea turtle nest last Friday, causing volunteers to spend hours reburying eggs and repairing the barrier. Patrol members suspect the incident occurred on Thursday night after a group had been partying on the beach, leaving behind alcoholic beverage containers and breaking down stakes and other markers surrounding the turtles’ area. The patrol is urging the community to help in protecting these endangered reptiles as disturbing sea turtle nests is both a federal and state crime, with violators facing hefty fines and even a third-degree felony for taking over 11 eggs. They remind people to keep the beach clean and dark, and report any disturbances or harmed sea turtles to the Wildlife Alert or the Ponte Vedra Sea Turtle Patrol.

Images/Source: “ponte vedra” – Google News