St. Johns County Man Accused of Contractor Fraud, Deputies Seek Info from Other Victims

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office (SJSO) has arrested a 49-year-old man, Brandon Keith Franklin, on charges of contractor fraud. Franklin, who pretended to be a licensed contractor and had multiple business names, was apprehended following an investigation conducted by SJSO that began in 2022 after a homeowner complained about his fraudulent activities. According to the police report, the homeowner paid Franklin an upfront sum of 20% of the project’s estimated cost, amounting to $28,806.40, to work on an addition to the house, paying him a total of $42,759.60 before the stop-work order was issued. When the homeowner tried to get permits for the work and found out that it didn’t meet the building code standards, Franklin tried to transfer the project to another contractor. Franklin has a history of deceptive behavior and poses as a licensed contractor in multiple jurisdictions. The SJSO is asking for any information that can help with the ongoing investigation.

Images/Source: Action News Jax