Homeowners in St. Johns County claim amenity center was vandalized out of sheer destructiveness

A neighborhood in St. Johns County is dealing with the aftermath of a vandalism incident at their community amenity center. The incident occurred at the Gran Lakes neighborhood, located off Pacetti Road. According to Paul Proios, the Homeowners Association President, several individuals trespassed into the amenity center, vandalizing property and causing damage. Proios mentioned that the vandals jumped over a fence and went for a swim before attempting to enter multiple locked doors. They managed to find one unlocked door, gaining access to the facility. Inside, they vandalized the men’s bathroom, damaging three out of four toilets and smashing a mirror. They also discharged a fire extinguisher, covering the clubhouse furniture and forcing its closure. Photos from security cameras were shared on social media, capturing images of the individuals involved. The community promptly reported the incident to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, who confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time. The community is determined to bring the vandals to justice and ensure accountability for their actions.

Reference: Action News Jax