Reel in the New Year!

Ahoy, anglers! It’s Capt. Adam Morley here with your first fishing report of the new year from the picturesque waters of St. Augustine. And let me tell you, 2024 kicked off with a bang, bringing us some absolutely beautiful conditions on the very first day.

Now, the real star of the show has been the sheepshead bite stealing the spotlight. These crafty critters are putting on a show around rocks, docks, and pilings. Fiddler crabs have been playing hard to get, but fear not, sand fleas are the go-to alternative for those looking to land these elusive fish. For the die-hard bounty hunters, the effort is real, with mud crabs, mussels, and barnacles proving to be the secret weapons for reeling in big hauls.

Jeff with a nice Sheepshead

Next on the hot list are the redfish, particularly for those with shallow drafting boats venturing into the tidal creeks. While these reds might play hard to get, I recently stumbled upon a creek holding over 100 mid to upper slot redfish. Stay tuned for the video on my YouTube channel “Take a Bow with Capt. Adam Morley” for a front-row seat to the action. These hungry reds aren’t picky eaters—put a bait in front of them, and they’ll gladly oblige.

Capt. Adam with Redfish caught on Fishbites

Black Drum have also been making appearances in coolers and on cleaning tables. Drop some fresh dead shrimp to the bottom of the deeper holes, and you might just reel in a surprise. Now, let’s talk trout—live shrimp under a popping cork or some well-placed artificial lures in moving water are your tickets to success. If you’re up for a night adventure, try fishing the dock lights, but be prepared to weed through the Bluefish hanging out under the same lights.

Venturing into the surf, the whiting bite is holding its own, though not setting the water on fire. Interestingly, pompano are still making appearances on local beaches, but let’s not get too comfortable—expect changes as the water temperature continues its seasonal drop.

Calling all charter captains and tackle shops! If you want to be part of the 904 Now weekly fishing report and get a shoutout, don’t be shy—reach out to Capt. Adam Morley. Let’s keep the fishing community tight-knit and buzzing with excitement. Tight lines, and here’s to a fin-tastic year on the waters of St. Augustine!