The St. Augustine Fishing Report

By Capt. Adam Morley

Chris from Skinnywater Lures with a solid Redfish pre front

Hey fellow anglers, Capt. Adam Morley here with the latest scoop on the St. Augustine fishing scene. Now, I’ve been away in Nashville for an outdoor expo, but the word on the water is that the bite has been nothing short of fire leading up to an impending front. You know how it goes; fronts can be a bit of a mood-killer for most fish, especially in the flats and creeks. However, there’s a silver lining – sheepshead and snook seem to thrive in these unsavory conditions.

Northeast Florida artist and angler Megan Robinson with a couple stud sheepshead

Let’s talk sheepshead. These crafty critters are biting in various ways, and it’s all about adapting to their picky palates. Popular rigs include the classic knocker rig, Carolina rig, and the trusty jighead with shrimp or fiddler crabs as bait. Patience is key, and feeling that subtle nibble requires a keen touch. When it comes to tactics, target structures like docks, pilings, and rocks where sheepshead love to hang out. The bite might be subtle, but the reward is oh-so-sweet.

Now, onto the snook. These silver-sided beauties bring their own set of challenges to the table. The colder months can make them a bit finicky, but persistence pays off. The key is to find warmer pockets of water where snook might be huddled. Popular baits include live shrimp, finger mullet, or slow-moving artificial lures like soft plastics and jerkbaits. The challenge lies in their unpredictable nature; snook are known for their pickiness and can be selective eaters. Patience, precise casts, and a bit of finesse are crucial when targeting these elusive predators.

As we brace for the front, keep an eye on the sheepshead and snook. They might just surprise you with some impressive action despite the less-than-ideal conditions. Adapt your tactics, stay patient, and let’s see what these St. Augustine waters have in store for us in the coming days.

Tight lines and happy angling!