St. Johns County Parks & Recreation Department Celebrates $1.4M Investment in Playground Upgrades

The St. Johns County Parks and Recreation Department in Florida has completed playground upgrades worth over $1.4 million in 2023. The improvements include new play areas, refurbishments, and shade coverings across various parks. A notable addition is the Field of Dreams Playground at Aberdeen Park, the department’s first all-inclusive play area with ADA-accessible structures. The upgrades were funded by the Board of County Commissioners, with allocations for various projects ranging from $410,065 to $5,000. The Parks and Recreation Department plans to continue enhancing the county’s recreational spaces in 2024. More… Read Full story: Action News Jax

Sarah Arnold elected as Chair and Roy Alaimo as Vice Chair for the St. Johns County Board

At the recent November 21 Special Reorganizational Meeting of the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), notable changes in leadership roles took place. District 2 Commissioner Sarah Arnold was unanimously elected as the new chair, while District 3 Commissioner Roy Alaimo was unanimously elected as vice chair. Both will serve one-year terms in their respective roles. Chair Arnold, who previously held the position of Vice Chair, expressed gratitude for the opportunity and voiced her dedication to guiding St. Johns County’s progress. Arnold says she is deeply invested in the community. She’s involved in various local organizations, including serving…

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Debate gets heated on funding for beach renourishment in Ponte Vedra Beach

A debate took place in St. Johns County regarding a dune restoration project in Ponte Vedra Beach. The project has a total cost of $40 million, with the state contributing $30 million and St. Johns County putting up $8.4 million. This leaves a remaining shortfall of $1.6 million, in addition to ongoing maintenance costs. The emergency management department proposed dividing the funding between two taxing districts, with homeowners on the south side of the beach paying more than those on the north side. Several residents attended the commission meeting, urging for equal contributions from all homeowners. During the meeting, Commissioner…

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St. Johns County commissioners vote down public housing authority proposal, says it could change character of county

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