St. Johns County Commissioners Push for Completion of CR 210 Project by Developer

Local residents in St. Johns County are experiencing traffic congestion due to a bottleneck on County Road 210. The County Commissioners blame Beachwalk, a nearby development, for not widening the road causing residents to have difficulty accessing Interstate 95 and other areas. The commissioners voted to sue the developer for not fulfilling their obligations. The developer claimed they were asked to stop the project by a former division manager with St. Johns County Transportation Development. However, this claim was denied by the County Commission Chairman Christian Whitehurst. Local residents are hoping the project will be completed soon. CLICK TO READ…

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Former St. Johns County Teacher Faces Charges of Transmitting Harmful Content to Minors

A former high school teacher in St. Johns County was arrested on several charges, including three counts of transmitting harmful content to minors and one count of illegal use of a two-way communications device. The charges stem from alleged inappropriate behavior with a 13-year-old student last December, which included exchanging Snapchat messages, offering to buy vapes, and sending inappropriate photos. The incident report also states that the teacher gave vapes to several students to smoke during school hours and invited them to his residence. The teacher was placed on administrative leave in January and will not be re-appointed for employment.…

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St. Johns County Educator Accused of Inappropriate Photo Sharing with Student

A chemistry teacher from St. Augustine High School, aged 26, has been charged with multiple counts related to transmitting harmful content to minors via electronic communication. The suspect is alleged to have sent lewd photos to a victim who is 13 years old, following initially harmless conversation. The victim disclosed the situation to a mandatory reporter and it prompted investigations which led to the charging of the suspect. The teacher, who was popular among students, provided nicotine vaporizers and made offers to “hang out” at his home. The teacher has not been in contact with students since December, and is…

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St. Augustine Pub Commemorates King Charles III’s Coronation

A St. Augustine pub is celebrating the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. The locals are eagerly anticipating the event which is set to take place tomorrow. CLICK TO READ SOURCE Images/Source: