St. Johns County Land Acquisition and Management Program seeks Conservation Land

St. Johns County has introduced the Land Acquisition and Management Program, designed to acquire natural and open space land for conservation purposes. The program aims to preserve the region’s beautiful landscapes while also providing passive recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors. Individuals or organizations interested in selling land are encouraged to participate by completing a short evaluation form available on the county’s website. This initiative acknowledges the significance of protecting natural resources, promoting biodiversity, and preserving the county’s unique character. The acquired land will be carefully managed and developed to support activities such as nature walks, bird watching, picnicking, and other low-impact recreational pursuits. More information about the Land Acquisition and Management Program, as well as the evaluation form, can be found on the county’s website. The goal is to work together in creating a sustainable future while appreciating the natural wonders that define St. Johns County.

Reference: Action News Jax