St. Augustine Mayor Launches New STAR Bus Service for Downtown

A new free bus system called the St. Augustine Rider, or “STAR”, has been launched in downtown St. Augustine, providing an alternative to dealing with parking and traffic congestion in the area. St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Sikes-Kline officially announced the service after it was launched a week ago. The system currently has three stops around downtown, with plans to expand as capacity is added to the bus station’s parking garage. The addition of more free public transportation is expected to alleviate stress for visitors during busy times such as holidays and high-profile events. The service is seen as a way to take cars off the street and help ease the difficulty of finding parking. Mayor Sikes-Kline expressed her excitement about the new service and hopes that it can continue to be developed and expanded upon in the future. More details about the service’s complete route can be found in a previous web article.

Reference: Action News Jax