St. Johns County residents in flood-prone areas eligible for federal grant money to elevate homes

St. Johns County residents who have been dealing with flooding caused by storms may now have the opportunity to receive assistance. The county is organizing homeowner outreach meetings to inform locals about potential grant money available to help prevent or repair damage to their homes. Through the “Flood Mitigation Assistance” (FMA) program, residents could potentially obtain thousands of dollars from FEMA to elevate or rebuild their homes in order to minimize future storm impacts.

To qualify for the program, homeowners must have National Flood Plan Insurance and own the home. Residents, like Chris, who has lived near A1A for over 20 years, are optimistic about the program’s potential benefits. Chris believes it will reduce the cost for the federal government to replace damaged homes after storms.

The process works as follows: Quality ES collaborates with St. Johns County to submit all applications to Florida Disaster Management by September 30. Once the applications are reviewed, they are then submitted to FEMA by January. Approval could take anywhere from one to one and a half years. However, in the long run, this initiative could potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars. Each homeowner is eligible for up to $220,000 to elevate or rebuild their homes.

The county has scheduled five additional meetings in the upcoming weeks for homeowners interested in learning more about this opportunity.

Reference: WJXT