Sidewalk in St. Johns County Relocated, Set to Open Before School Starts

Parents in St. Johns County can breathe a sigh of relief this school year as a sidewalk along County Road 2209, where 9B and St. Johns Parkway intersect, has been relocated further away from the road. The county expects the sidewalk relocation to be completed on August 9th, just in time for students to return to school on August 10th.

The initial installation of the sidewalk had raised concerns among parents regarding the safety of their children traveling to Liberty Pines Academy. The sidewalk had no guardrails or protection, and there was only a small distance separating it from the road. Jason Betska, a parent of four children, expressed concerns about the safety of the kids riding their bikes on the sidewalk.

To investigate further, Action News Jax contacted the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, who revealed that between 2019 and 2021, there were 224 crashes along the eight-mile stretch of road that includes the St. Johns Forest neighborhood. As a result, in February, the county commissioners took action and commenced the construction process to relocate the existing sidewalk.

After almost six months, the new sidewalk is set to open shortly before the start of the school year. According to the county, the contractor is currently finishing up the installation of guardrails, carrying out final concrete pours, and restoring the site. Jason Betska expressed his approval of the sidewalk relocation, as it removes children from close proximity to traffic, reducing the risk of accidents.

This sidewalk relocation project aims to provide a safer environment for children traveling to and from school, alleviating the concerns of parents in St. Johns County.

Reference: Action News Jax