IT JUST WON’T DIE!: Demolition of Notorious Blue House in Vilano Beach Delayed following Discovery of Sea Turtle Nest

A St. Johns County home, known as the “blue house,” located in Vilano Beach will remain standing on stilts for a little longer due to the presence of a sea turtle nest. In May, the house was deemed unsafe by St. Johns County and scheduled for demolition. However, in June, a sea turtle nest was discovered beneath the property, leading to a temporary halt in the demolition process. County environmental officials extended the hold until it was ensured that the hatchlings had left the nest. Once given approval, the house will be torn down. Despite the impending demolition, the owner has listed the beachfront lot, excluding the blue house, for sale at $575,000 on Zillow. The listing suggests potential buyers can construct their dream beach house on the 100 x 65 parcel by building a seawall. Previously, before the demolition plans, the blue house was listed for $1.2 million.

Reference: WJXT