Vilano Beach Renourishment Project Commences

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has started the mobilization process for the Vilano Beach Coastal Storm Risk Management Project. The project contractor will begin by bringing equipment to the Surfside Park staging area, which has been closed and fenced off for public safety. The beach renourishment is scheduled to be completed by March 2024.

The Surfside Park staging area will be used to store equipment and materials, and it will remain an active work zone. Public access to the beach and restroom facilities in this area will still be available, but caution is advised due to heavy equipment entering and exiting.

The contractor and Corps staff will use a parking lot off of Euclid Avenue to park and store worker vehicles during construction. Caution is urged in this vicinity.

The dredge, which will deliver offshore sand for placement along Vilano Beach, is expected to arrive around August 17. Beach fill operations will commence shortly after. The contractor will close off active placement sections of the beach, measuring about 1,500 feet in length, with orange safety fencing as they progress southward. Once beach fill is completed, the safety fencing will be removed, and those sections will be reopened to the public.

To expedite operations during hurricane season, construction will be continuous, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As operations begin, the USACE Jacksonville will post weekly progress maps on their social media channels to inform residents and visitors about the location of active construction zones. The links to these maps can be found at

Reference: Vilano Beach renourishment project gets under way – The Ponte Vedra Recorder