The St. Augustine Fishing Report

By Capt. Adam Morley

William Bretley with a Gator Trout caught on a MirrOlure

Ahoy, Fishermen and Fisherwomen of St. Augustine and beyond! Time for the latest scoop from our watery escapades. Grab your fishing gear and let’s dive in.

???? Sheepshead Shenanigans:

These sneaky buggers are giving us quite the runaround! We’ve got a solid sheepshead bite happening – live or frozen fiddlers and sand fleas are the VIP invitations. Rocks, docks, and bridges are the happening spots. It’s like they’ve RSVP’d to the underwater party of the year!

???? Drum Roll for Black Drum:

The black drum are beating their own drum, and the rhythm is fire! They’re putting on a show deep in the creeks and all the way out to the Matanzas River. Fresh dead shrimp on Carolina Rigs or a plain jig head – these drummers know how to get the party started.

???? Flounder Fanfare:

Guess who’s back, back again? Flounder season opened on December 1st, and these flat buddies are making waves on social media. Mud minnows and Fishbites Fight Club Lures are the hot gossip in the underwater social circles.

???? Redfish Retreat:

Redfish are schooling up way back in the creeks, seeking the sun’s warm rays like sunbathing superstars. But beware, they’re not the night owls of the fish world – they’ll be retreating to deeper depths as temperatures cool. Slow and steady wins the fish race in these conditions.

???? Trout Tango:

Trout are still cutting a rug in these conditions! Early birds get the worm – or in this case, the trout. Target them early morning or late evening with your favorite artificials. Alternatively, bait and wait using a popping cork with a live shrimp near the grass at high tide.

???? Surfside Spectacles:

In the surf, whiting and pompano are still making a splash. Look for clean water and target the run-outs with Fish Bites, fresh dead shrimp, or sand fleas. It’s like a beachside buffet for these fellas!

???? Offshore Odyssey:

Venturing into the deep blue? Word is there’s a good wahoo bite 30-50 miles out. Pack your sea legs and set sail for adventure!

???? Oyster Roast Extravaganza:

Don’t forget, this Saturday, Dec. 9th, Genung’s Fish Camp is hosting an Oyster Roast Fundraiser from 4:30 – 6:30pm. Only 75 tickets for oyster indulgence are available, so RSVP by calling Genung’s. If you’re not into oysters, no worries! Come soak in the atmosphere and festivities – free of charge. It’s the perfect excuse to mingle and enjoy some fishy tales.

That’s the reel deal, folks! Tight lines and high tides to you all. May your hooks be sharp, and your fish tales even sharper. ???????? #FishOn #StAugustineFishing #SheepsheadShenanigans