St. Augustine Fishing Report

Report by Captain Adam Morley

Ahoy, Fellow Anglers!

Captain Adam Morley here casting the net wide to bring you the latest tales from the waters around St. Augustine and its neighboring fishing sanctuaries. As the year winds down, our finned friends are still putting on a dazzling performance.

Trout Tango – A Sizzling But Petite Affair:

The trout bite is cranking up the heat, but it seems like the size is playing a game of hide-and-seek. While they may be on the smaller side, the action is electrifying, making each catch a quick thrill.

Sheepshead Shuffle – Still Grooving with Sand Fleas and Fiddler Crabs:

Those crafty sheepshead are still setting the waters on fire, especially if you can tempt them with their preferred feast of sand fleas or fiddler crabs. Get your bait game strong, and you might just find yourself in a sheepshead jamboree.

Black Drum Beats – A Plentiful Symphony in the Holes:

The black drum orchestra continues to resonate in the holes, and they’re still taking the bait, especially if you present them with the allure of live shrimp. It’s a drumline you won’t want to miss.

Flounder Fandango – Late-Season Dance with Mud Minnows:

The flounder bite is proving to be a resilient dancer, even this late in the year. Mud minnows on a jig head are the preferred partners in this underwater waltz. Join the dance and let the flounder lead you on an oceanic journey.

Redfish Rendezvous – Shallows Charm with a Hint of Safety:

Marcus Wiley with a nasty weather Red on Fishbites

The redfish seem to be enjoying their hide-and-seek game, mostly hanging out in the sheltered creeks, basking in the shallows. But don’t be fooled; they’re still within striking distance of the holes, ready to retreat to safety at the first sign of trouble.

As we navigate these late-season waters, remember to gear up, stay safe, and savor every moment of the angling adventure. Tight lines and fishy dreams, fellow seekers of the sea! ????????