HORRORscopes for the week of Dec 18, 2023

Congratulations, Aries! This week, you will encounter countless obstacles that will test your patience and ignite your short temper. It’s almost as if the universe decided to play a little prank on you. But don’t worry, because in the end, all of your efforts will be completely futile. So go ahead, charge into battle like the brave warrior you are, only to be defeated by life’s unrelenting cruelty. Good luck!

Ah, Taurus, the most stubborn of all signs. This week, prepare yourself for a series of disappointments that will make you question the very essence of your existence. No matter how hard you try, things will just not go your way. Your determination will be met with resistance, and your practicality will be overshadowed by chaos. Embrace the frustration and let it consume you, because nothing says “success” quite like a defeated Taurus.

Dear Gemini, brace yourself for a week filled with confusion and indecisiveness. It’s like the universe decided to throw a party in your mind, complete with conflicting thoughts and contradictory emotions. Your attempts at communication will be met with blank stares, and your brilliant ideas will be dismissed. So why bother? Just sit back, relax, and watch as life passes you by, leaving you in a state of perpetual perplexity.

Oh, Cancer, the emotional rollercoaster of the zodiac. This week, get ready for a flood of tears and heartache. Your sensitive nature will be heightened, leaving you vulnerable to every little disappointment that comes your way. You’ll spend countless hours overthinking, only to come to the conclusion that everything is simply terrible. So grab a box of tissues and wallow in self-pity, because that’s the only way you know how to cope.

Leos, get ready to have your egos deflated this week. Your desire for attention and admiration will go unnoticed, leaving you feeling unappreciated and insignificant. Your attempts at being the center of attention will be overshadowed by those around you. But hey, look on the bright side – at least your hair will look fabulous as you fade into the background.

Dear Virgo, this week will be a never-ending cycle of perfectionism and self-criticism. No matter how hard you try, you will never live up to your own impossibly high standards. Your meticulous planning will be thwarted by unforeseen circumstances, and your attention to detail will go unnoticed. So go ahead, analyze every aspect of your life and find fault in everything. It’s what you do best.

Libras, get ready for a week filled with indecision and imbalance. Your quest for harmony will be met with chaos, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Your attempts at finding compromise will leave everyone unsatisfied, including yourself. So go ahead, try to please everyone, but remember that in the end, you’ll end up pleasing no one – especially not yourself.

Scorpios, this week will be a dark and mysterious journey into the depths of your own paranoia. Your intense emotions will consume you, as you suspect everyone of plotting against you. Your need for control will lead to power struggles and broken relationships. So go ahead, let your jealousy and suspicion guide you, because who needs trust and happiness when you can have drama and isolation?

Oh, Sagittarius, the eternal optimist. This week, your enthusiasm and adventurous spirit will be met with a series of unfortunate events. Your grand plans will fall apart, leaving you feeling disillusioned and defeated. Your desire for freedom will be overshadowed by responsibilities and obligations. So go ahead, keep that smile on your face as you navigate through a world that constantly disappoints.

Capricorns, prepare yourself for a week filled with hard work and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Your ambitious nature will be met with resistance, leaving you feeling exhausted and unappreciated. Your determination will be met with setbacks and delays, making you question whether it’s all worth it. But hey, at least you can take solace in the fact that no matter how much you achieve, there will always be more to conquer.

Aquarius, get ready for a week of rebellion and unpredictability. Your desire to stand out from the crowd will be met with disapproval and resistance. Your innovative ideas will be dismissed as unrealistic and impractical. So go ahead, embrace your inner rebel and watch as the world tries to bring you down. After all, who needs acceptance and stability when you can have chaos and isolation?

Dear Pisces, this week your dreamy and sensitive nature will be met with harsh realities. Your escapism will be shattered by the weight of responsibilities and obligations. Your artistic soul will be stifled by practicality and logic. So go ahead, retreat into your own world of fantasy and let reality pass you by. Because let’s face it, the real world is just not meant for dreamers like you.