Borland Groover starts work on new surgery center in St. Johns County

Borland Groover, a gastroenterology provider based in Jacksonville, Florida has begun the construction of a surgery center in St. Johns County, which is scheduled to open by summer 2024. The new facility will span over two stories and 35,000-square-foot. On the first floor, the center will have seven rooms designated for outpatient surgeries and minimally invasive procedures like colonoscopies while the second floor will consist of 32 medical examination rooms. This surgery center is the fifth one to be established by Borland Groover in Northeast Florida and the second in St. Johns County. The center will be owned and operated by Borland Groover gastrointestinal specialists and United Surgical Partners International, and it is expected to provide employment for 75 people. Dr. Kyle Etzkorn, CEO of Borland Groover, stated that this new facility is a reflection of their commitment to render accessible and patient-centric healthcare in the region.