St. Johns County Administrator’s Future in Question After Workplace Culture Concerns

The future of the man leading St. Johns County is uncertain following concerns raised by a commissioner about workplace culture within county administration. A special meeting will be held by commissioners to discuss County Administrator Hunter Conrad’s contract, which was renewed in March with a raise of over $30,000. Commissioner Sarah Arnold expressed worry about the growing workplace environment and culture among county staff, mentioning a new rule that requires directors to get administration’s approval before a one-on-one meeting with commissioners. Conrad defended the rule, stating it ensures all commissioners receive the same level of service and information. In 2020, Conrad was hired as the full-time county administrator, and his new contract was not set to expire until 2026. Concerns about Conrad’s contract were previously raised by a former county employee who claimed he was forced out of his position. The employee also mentioned pressure from higher-ups to hide a report from the Cultural Resource Review Board. Commissioner Arnold voiced concerns about the city’s ability to recruit and retain employees.

Images/Source: Action News Jax