Search Warrant in St. Augustine Yields 13 Arrests in Narcotics Bust

A narcotics bust took place on Chapin Street in St. Augustine, according to Action News Jax. The news outlet spoke with an anonymous neighbor who mentioned the regular presence of suspicious activity on that road. The neighbor stated that they were awakened around 5 am by police announcements over the intercom. Photos sent by viewers to Action News Jax showed several individuals on the ground, appearing to be detained by the police. The St. Augustine Police Department’s narcotics unit executed search warrants at 101 and 103 Chapin St. The search resulted in 13 arrests, with the individuals being taken to the St. Johns County Jail. Illegal drugs, including cocaine and meth, were found inside the homes. The neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed a lack of surprise due to the ongoing suspicious activity in the area. One of the homes involved in the bust was declared unhabitable by the City of St. Augustine due to safety concerns.

Reference: Action News Jax