St. Augustine Man Unearths $40,000 Ring on St. Augustine Beach

Joseph Cook, a resident of St. Augustine, spends his free time searching for treasure on the beaches of St. Augustine using a metal detector. Despite having been metal detecting for 25 years, Cook does not search for profit but rather as a way to do good things. Recently, Cook found a diamond ring on the beach worth $40,000 and was able to return it to its rightful owner. The couple, who had lost the ring while on vacation from Canada, had approached Cook about it a month prior. Although Cook couldn’t find the ring that day, he continued to keep an eye out for it. Finally, after a few weeks, he found the ring in the same spot he had searched multiple times before. While he didn’t have the couple’s direct contact information, they were able to connect with him through his Instagram page. The couple expressed their disbelief and happiness that Cook had found the ring, sharing that the husband had been eagerly watching Cook’s videos every day, hoping for its return. Cook states that seeing the couple’s joy and sometimes even tears of happiness brings him happiness as well. He never sells the items he finds and instead holds onto them in the hopes of returning them to their owners. Cook shares his discoveries on Instagram and TikTok.

Reference: Action News Jax