HORRORscopes for the week of Oct 16, 2023

Well, well, well, Aries. Brace yourself for another year of impulsive decisions and fiery outbursts. Your short temper will surely cause chaos in your personal and professional life. Remember, patience is for losers, so go ahead and burn those bridges without a second thought. Who needs stability and healthy relationships anyway?

Oh, Taurus, you stubborn creature. Get ready for a whole year of resisting change and clinging to your comfort zone. Your determination to stay stagnant will surely keep you from experiencing anything new or exciting. Keep indulging in your laziness and love for material possessions. After all, what’s personal growth compared to a cozy couch and a full fridge?

Gemini, the master of inconsistency. Your dual personality will make it impossible for anyone to trust you this year. Embrace your indecisiveness and watch as your relationships crumble before your very eyes. Remember, communication is overrated, so feel free to keep everyone guessing about your true intentions.

Cancer, the emotional wreck. This year, your mood swings will reach an all-time high. Get ready for endless self-pity and intense feelings of insecurity. Your clinginess will push everyone away, leaving you drowning in your own sea of tears. Don’t forget to overthink every minor detail and ruin any chance of happiness that comes your way.

Ah, Leo, the attention seeker. Prepare for a year of excessive drama and self-centeredness. Your need for constant validation will exhaust everyone around you. Keep basking in your own glory while ignoring the needs of others. Who cares about empathy and humility when you can have all eyes on you?

Virgo, the perfectionist. Get ready for a year of endless criticism, both towards yourself and others. Your obsession with details will drive everyone crazy. Don’t forget to overanalyze every situation and stress about things that are beyond your control. Perfection is the ultimate goal, even if it means sacrificing your sanity.

Libra, the eternal people-pleaser. Brace yourself for a year of indecisiveness and avoiding any form of confrontation. Your fear of conflict will keep you trapped in toxic relationships and unfulfilling situations. Remember, sacrificing your own needs for the sake of keeping others happy is the key to eternal unhappiness.

Oh, Scorpio, the embodiment of intensity. This year, expect your emotions to spiral out of control. Your jealousy and possessiveness will drive your loved ones away. Don’t forget to hold grudges and seek revenge at any cost. Trust? Who needs it when you can live in a constant state of suspicion and paranoia?

Sagittarius, the wanderer. Get ready for a year of restless escapism. Your commitment issues will prevent any meaningful relationships from forming. Keep running away from responsibilities and embrace your impulsiveness. Remember, avoiding attachment is the best way to avoid disappointment.

Capricorn, the workaholic. Prepare for another year of never-ending stress and obsession with success. Your ambition will consume you, leaving no room for personal happiness. Remember, the pursuit of wealth and status is far more important than enjoying life. Keep climbing that ladder, even if it means stepping on those around you.

Aquarius, the rebel without a cause. This year, expect your eccentricity to alienate you from society even more. Your detachment from emotions will make it impossible for anyone to truly connect with you. Keep swimming against the current and embrace your stubbornness. Who needs friends when you have your own unconventional ideas?

Pisces, the eternal dreamer. Brace yourself for another year of escapism and avoiding reality. Your tendency to live in a fantasy world will keep you from achieving anything substantial. Keep drowning in your own emotions and wallowing in self-pity. After all, why strive for success when you can just daydream about it?