HORRORscopes for the week of May 22, 2023

Aries: Well, well, well. Looks like another week of disappointment and unfulfilled dreams. Your impulsive nature will lead you down the wrong path once again. But hey, at least you’re consistent.

Taurus: You’ll feel like a stubborn bull this week, refusing to budge from your comfort zone. Unfortunately, nothing great happens when you’re stuck in one place. Maybe try taking a risk for once?

Gemini: Your dual nature will lead to confusion and indecisiveness this week. Are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic? Happy or sad? Who even knows anymore.

Cancer: Your emotional rollercoaster will continue this week, with all the ups and downs. Just remember, no one wants to ride with a constantly crying and whining passenger.

Leo: You’ll feel like the king/queen of the jungle this week, but unfortunately, no one cares about your roar. Keep trying to impress, maybe one day someone will pay attention.

Virgo: Your perfectionism will lead to exhaustion and burnout this week. Maybe try lowering your standards a bit? It’s not like anyone else cares about your color-coded to-do list.

Libra: Your constant need for balance and harmony will lead to more disappointment this week. Life is messy and chaotic, maybe try embracing it for once instead of fighting against it.

Scorpio: Your intense and secretive nature will lead to even more isolation this week. Maybe try opening up to someone instead of plotting your revenge in silence.

Sagittarius: Your wanderlust will lead to more empty adventures this week. Maybe try finding meaning and purpose instead of trying to escape from it all.

Capricorn: Your workaholic nature will lead to more success, but at what cost? Maybe try enjoying life a bit instead of constantly chasing after the next achievement.

Aquarius: Your rebellious nature will lead to more clashes with authority this week. Maybe try picking your battles wisely instead of constantly fighting against everything.

Pisces: Your dreamy and imaginative nature will lead to more confusion and misunderstanding this week. Maybe try grounding yourself in reality instead of constantly escaping into your own fantasy world.